Stay Single Till Then©

Stay single till you meet the person who makes you smile from within and it escapes with such intensity it up-curls your lips from ear to ear, makes your cheeks go numb and your eyes light up

Stay single till you meet the one who proves himself worthy of you, who prioritizes you, amidst the busyness of life he makes time to see you, no lame ass excuses of “just because …” and “I was gonna but…”

Wait around for the one whose touch ignites your senses, makes your knees buckle weak and your heart skip beats and your stomach butterfly-flutters, wait for the one who moves you

Stay single till you meet the one who’ll do anything for you—like walk a tight rope 50 feet above ground—because he knew you’d not ask if you didn’t need him to and because he knew you knew he’d be safe to do for you

Stay single till you meet someone who accepts you, not wanting to change the you that you are but who celebrates the essence of you, accepting you in all your quirkinesses and flawsomeness, someone who loves you for you

Wait around for someone who is proud of you, celebrates your accomplishments as if they’re his own—your own personal membership to a one-on-one cheerleading squad, wait for the one who’s “got you”

Stay single till you find the person who makes you want to be a better you, who’s worthy to fight for and to fight with ‘cause—face it—love and life will derail fantasies of “happily ever after”, you’ll need someone who’s battle ready

Stay single till your desire to be booed-up is not from a place of brokenness, lack or desperation, but from a healed place, from a place of trust, love and vulnerability

Wait for someone whose words and actions go hand-in-hand; who will say what they mean and do what they say, wait for the one who is intentional about you

Stay single till the one who is for you finds you, and you know you have been found

Stay single till then

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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