A Letter to My Younger Self

Before-word: World Mental Health Day (Oct 10) this year comes at a time when we are all affected and impacted by the corona virus. Now is a good time to take stock of where you are emotionally and mentally. And writing a letter to your younger self is one fun and therapeutic way to do that.

Dear Younger Me,

You’re only 4 years now. You don’t fully understand why you’re not living with your mom or why you’ve never seen your father.

As you grow older, there’ll be the fear of rejection and abandonment, an uncertainty of where you belong and whose you are. Many days you will feel like you’re somewhere between this … and that … You’ll be torn in your affections … betwixt and between two locations … displaced in your emotions. But you will find yourself, you will find your way, you will find your voice, and you will find your strength.

You’re on your way to college now.

This is where your life will change. You’ll develop a deep yearning to change the world around you. Your experiences will lead you to become a fierce defender of people’s rights, you’ll champion causes like ending violence against women and girls.

The challenges will seem insurmountable, but you’ll graduate among the top of your class. Don’t get sidetracked my determined self. This tenacity will set you up for life.

You’re inquisitive. You want to see the bigger world. Your desire to change the world and your desire to travel the world, will lead you into your purpose.

There are so many adventures ahead of you. You’ll travel to just about every continent. Through your work you’ll directly impact the lives of people in different parts of the world. You will get the greatest satisfaction from helping others.

On this journey that is your life, you’ll learn some lessons along the way. You may not believe me now, which is why I’m writing you this letter, just trust my words and live by these:

  1. Never ever take your relationship with God for granted. Do nothing, make no decisions and take no actions till you pray and you have His answer. In your darkest moments you will know how to find your light in Him.
  2. Trust your instincts! Take chances! It’s ok to make mistakes! Be gentle with yourself! Believe in yourself! You are far more resilient than you think. Your heart will break, but you have an amazing ability to forgive and a huge capacity to love. You’ve got bouncebackability my darling self…trust your heart.
  3. Don’t try to fit in (you won’t be able to anyway … you’ll be the tallest girl just about everywhere you go, and even so, you’ll love to wear 4 inches heels). You were born to stand out my unique self. Embrace your FLAWSOMEness.
  4. Don’t live by the status quo. Live your life by whatever makes you feel most alive … like when you write poems or when you’re empowering young girls. Embrace the uniqueness that is you. Do you! Don’t let anyone determine your worth, or measure your value by their standards.
  5. And lastly, choose your friends wisely. You’ll never be the popular girl. You’ll have very few friends but they’ll be just what you need, treasure them. You’ll need them along the ups and downs of this journey that will be your life. It will be a challenging journey but you’ll smile more than you cry, you’ll gain more than you lose, and you will be LOVED!

I love you.
Your older self

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In creative solidarity, Dee

9 thoughts on “A Letter to My Younger Self

    1. Vivene Hurditt

      Thank you Dee for sharing. So inspirational…. I needed to hear these words. I was really on a low, but this just picked me up. My head space was elsewhere, but just reading these words give s me hope. I am grateful to have a friend like you. Rightly speaking I just need to choose my friends wisely, and just that handful will be there to listen to my woes. Just loving your poetry!
      Love you friend💕


      1. Ahhh Viv … I read your heart in this message and it’s taken away the reservations I’ve had about being this open and transparent. Knowing the positive impact on you is a magnificent affirmation for me. Glad you found a “pick-me-up” in reading the letter. Hope you’ll write your own sis💗


    1. Thank you for the reply Dominique and for being transparent in how it made you feel. It was a truly moving exercise for me and what moved you is the essence of the emotions I experienced in not just writing but sharing it here. In creative solidarity & love 😊Dee


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