The Moment I realized…Transformation is Selfish

Transformation, a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. One of the most difficult things to transform is the way we think and especially what we think of ourselves.

Coming to this realization is the moment I understood self transformation to be selfish in that it’s hard work that requires you to reset your mind and regulate your self-speaking language. But, even as you’re growing in this transformation, old labels will stick around. There times you’ll straddle the fence of who you are transforming to be and the “who” that was. Unintentionally you’ll hold on to the labels.

Many of us have incorrectly taken on labels as our names. Maybe we have been labeled “loser” or “dropout” or a “nobody.” Maybe we’ve labeled ourselves “unattractive” or “overweight.” However, when we adhere to a selfish-determination of transformation, this will silence every voice that aims to divert you from living out of something new.

Embracing this process requires a determined surrender to completely die to any form of you that would prevent you from transforming to the woman/man you’re becoming.

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