Nature’s Morning Serenade

Before-word: I wrote this piece a few years ago. I was working/living in Northern Nigeria at the time and there was immense unrest and upheaval. Amidst all of that the joys of nature were all the more appreciated. What a blessing to open your eyes from a night’s rest, to know you’re alive and be able to bask in the joy of nature’s wake up call. Finding GRATITUDE in each moment of LIFE!

Roosters seem to be competing to crow the loudest in welcoming the break of day
Birdies have joined in the refrain creating a serene orchestra
Nature’s melody makers have ushered in the morning
The wind will not be outdone—it’s picked up the swell filling the room with a refreshing coolness enveloping me in its grasp
The grey clouds still hold the sun at bay but not for long—it’s slowly peeking through separating night from day

It’s DAWN!!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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