Soul Seasons©

Before-word: Nature is a formidable teacher. One lesson I’ve learnt from the changing of seasons is this: we must embrace new beginnings. Like the contrasting seasons, we too are faced with periods that resemble SPRING-like rebirth, AUTUMN-like falling, SUMMER-like passion and WINTER-like coldness. To grow, we too must face the seasons of the soul and embrace the changes each unfold.

SUMMER comes with such splendor
all of creation shows its praise
flowers bloom
fruits ripen
birds sing
all things experiencing rebirth
all things made anew

’till AUTUMN’s
golden red
sunshiny yellow
crispy brown
leaves falling
peacefully lying in a final resting place

‘till WINTER’s
milky white delicate snow flakes
covering all in fluffy softness

’till SPRING’s revitalizing rain falls

life is much like nature’s seasons
changing constantly
changing surely
with the passing of time

assuredly as
we too must face life’s passing seasons
SPRING-like rebirth
AUTUMN-like falling
SUMMER-like passion
WINTER-like coldness

we too must face the seasons
the seasons of the soul

Photo credit: Unsplash

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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