BirthMONTH—Day 16: I Affirm Today, Me NOT “They”

Have you ever met “they”? You know that all-encompassing “they” that direct and control your life course, your choices, your happiness? The “they” in “what will they say?” or “what will they think?”

But, they don’t live your life, do they? Then why should their opinion matter as much as they do, or at all? ‘Cause the reality is this: if you spent your entire life aiming to please they, you still could not accomplish the feat. They have an insatiable/unquenchable appetite of opinions that you will never satisfy.

So … what to do about these notorious negatively-opinionated they?

First, it starts with you.

Know yourself and your values—you are uniquely you and the path you take will be influenced by what is intrinsically you, your internal compass. Love and trust yourself and your judgment—operate from that intuitive knowledge about who you are (starting with you’re a child of the Most High God) and what you really desire, then live by those terms.

And to top it off, add a good dose of perspective on the opinions of they and

Dress—for you

Post that selfie—for you

Do that workout—for you

You get the picture, right? Do you for you, not they, because only you have to live with the consequences of your decisions.

Photo provided by Pexels

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In creative solidarity, Dee

3 thoughts on “BirthMONTH—Day 16: I Affirm Today, Me NOT “They”

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  2. Anonymous

    I think I’ve been “meing” since my father’s sperm met my mama’s egg and my residence was in utero. At the end of ANY day, since you have to live with you; the ONLY person you are with 24/7; it behooves you to BE and DO you; being responsible for your own happiness and realizing that your are “youniquely” Y.O.U for a reason.

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    1. Yes. Yesss. Yesssss!!!!! Living with me 24/7 would be dreadfully painful if I didn’t love me, trust my judgment or listen to my inner voice. Thanks for this feedback; and for journeying with me on this blog!!!!! Cheers, Dee


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