Vagrant—Someone Else’s Mother©

This piece is a contribution to Fandango’s One Word Challenge. Today’s word is “vagrant”.

Unsteadily she trudged
Earthly possessions hauled in tattered, torn bags
Hand extended in alms for she’s got hungry babes to feed
Beneath the load she stumbled
Balancing the weight
Clumsily breaking her fall
Muttering in whispers she only hears
Words to comfort self, assail distress
To you she’s just another vagrant
But she’s someone else’s mother

Someone awaits the familiarity of her footsteps echoing on the floor
Someone awaits the safety only her embracing arms can restore
Someone awaits the lullaby only her serene voice can sing
Someone awaits the love only her heart will bring
Ignored or abused
Mistreated or neglected
Someone awaits her
For she, too, is
Someone else’s mother

©2021 createdbyDEEsign all rights reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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