Don’t Understand©

Before-word: healing is a process, it takes time and it’s messy. Some days you’re ahead of the curve and other days you’re playing catch up. The key is to keep evolving into the best you. If you can’t move forward, that’s ok; maybe a easier step in that moment is not going back.

Don’t understand

Keep living in the past

Relationships that went wrong

Situations that could have been


Preconceived notions

Wishing things were different

If only it could change, be erased

Hoping about impossible situations

Revisiting pathways of pain previously travelled

Not letting go

Seeking true love

Finding pain

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In creative solidarity, Dee

6 thoughts on “Don’t Understand©

  1. “If you can’t move forward, that’s ok; maybe a easier step in that moment is not going back.”

    I think keep trying for move forward is the better option then anything.
    Take chance
    If you survive then it will be jackpot.
    If you didn’t then atleast you would be sure that you give your 100 percent.

    Right ?

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    1. Hi Rabbia. Absolutely keep trying to move forward. There may be days when you can’t—cause life can be brutal sometimes—on those days when you can’t move forward, when you feel stuck, better to not go back. Healing isn’t a linear process, sometimes you relapse into old habits and it’s like starting over to get back to where you had progressed to. I think the jackpot is when we get to a point in recovery that we are thriving (more than just surviving life).

      Thanks for engaging with this piece and giving me a perspective to think about. Cheers, Dee


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