Thought: The Final Frontier

Remember the Star Trek intro: “Space: the final frontier…. To boldly go where no man has gone before!”?

With the explosion of the fourth industrial revolution and advances in technology, space is no longer the final frontier, it has been explored and so has the depth of the oceans and the core of the earth.

Technology has become extraordinarily invasive. It permeates every sphere and facet of our lives. Unless you make a concerted effort to live ‘off the grid’, you leave a digital footprint just about every minute of the day.

That got me thinking about what of myself I can keep private, protected from scrutiny and judgment.

It’s not my words for once I’ve spoken/written them they are in the public domain and therefore at the whim of others’ opinions, thoughts and feelings to be scrutinized, dissected and even misconstrued.

It’s not my sense of style either because once I step out into the public domain, my style, my fashion choices (or lack thereof🙃), my hair, even my makeup are all open to be criticized or affirmed.

But my thoughts—the ideas or opinions produced in my mind—those are safe as long as they remain protected. My mind, the protector and incubator of my thought, is its safest place.

Thoughts should be allowed to germinate, to come to maturity before they are birthed in words. For once they are expressed, they are no longer solely mine.

Thoughts are powerful. Everything that constitute the universe started with thought. From the beginning, where there was void and nothing had form and darkness abounded, God thought.

God thought, I’m going to make me a universe—space, time, matter and energy, the cosmos, galaxies, planets, and stars arranged in constellations. And everything God thought of that was to make up the universe, once He spoke them, they existed.

He spoke what He thought, and what He thought is what it became.

What I mean is this: before there was light in the physical realm, light was undefined. It was a thought incubated in the womb of God’s mind of what it would be and how it would function. When the thought matured and was ready to be birthed for its intended purpose, God spoke: “Let there be light and there was light” (Genesis 1:3). And what He thought light to be, that’s what light became. Traveling at 186,000 miles per second, light separated the darkness.

As it is with God’s thoughts, so it is with ours. Our thoughts are also powerful enough to create. For, it is what we think in our minds that we become in life.

The mind is the breeding ground for our consciousness, perception, imagination, intelligence, judgment, emotion, instinct and thinking. Because our thoughts become a reflection of who we really are, why then would we not allow our thoughts to ‘hang out’ with these other faculties of the mind and germinate?! Imagine a thought saturated and infused with imagination, judgement, emotions and instinct and only then is it given wings on words to soar.

When contemplated in this way, I surmised that thoughts in their purest form—devoid of technological intrusion—are the final frontier of our personhood.

This is my contribution to Fandango’s One Word Challenge. Today’s word is permeate.

Thanks you for reading!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

11 thoughts on “Thought: The Final Frontier

    1. I don’t think of it as “watching” per se though that may very well be the reality. But I think we are super exposed just by virtue of using technology.


      1. true. But the reason I sleep soundly is because I’m happy that people *can’t* use technology. Because they don’t have the brainpower. Governments, any how. Google and Amazon are a different kettle of fish.

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    1. Heya. I responded to you yesterday but not seeing it now. Sometimes you never know what direction a prompt will take you. Thank you for helping our creative juices to flow with your daily prompts. Cheers, Dee

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