i wanna love like THAT love© [with audio]

Before-word: It’s been described as “A Many Splendored Thing” in poems (William Waterway). It’s the themes of movies and the hook of songs. It’s described as euphoric. It’s said we fall into it and even fall out of it. For all it’s ups and downs (oxytocin and all), one thing is for certain—I’m totally in love with LOVE!

I wanna love that says “I see you”
Beyond body mass to the soul of my existence
See the essence of me, spiritually
An interconnected kind o’ love, love
I comprehend you

I wanna love so close, its communication transcends words
It exudes across a crowded room “I’m with her” only
She belongs to me, I belong to her
An only-space-for-two kind o’ love, love
I am with you

I wanna sensual love
A love that caresses without touching
Disrupting innards, central part of essence pulsating
A whisper-light-as-breath-on-ear kind o’ love, love
I feel you

I wanna love that seduces with words
Touching senses in ways I never imagined
Directing, illuminating my path
A compass—navigating-you-to-me kind o’ love, love
I read you

I wanna love that connects to the love in me
A love that redefines my be-ing and existing
A soul-mate-love-at-first-sight kind o’ love, love
—Pray-to-God-up-above love
—Live-and-die-for kind o’ love
—Best-friend-for-life love
—A Barry White “can’t get enough of your love” kind o’ love
—Interdependent, secure, no-matter-what-I-got-you love … you know that …
—Push-come-to-shove love
—Because-you-see-me-I-am-here kind o’ love?

Yeah …
I wanna love like THAT love ❤️

2021 ©Dee Min All rights reserved 

Thank you for reading.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

19 thoughts on “i wanna love like THAT love© [with audio]

    1. Don’t we all uh?! That kinda love is the ultimate. Glad you got the vibe. Yeah, some pieces you have to use your own voice to create the emotion you intend for the audience. You know this and do it well. Dee

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