Sunday Photo Reflection #11: The Squirrel Model

There she was—perched precariously, as squirrels often do. She was maneuvering her way across a black unevenly-spiked fence in a quaint little garden off the Brooklyn promenade.

She’s poised. Graceful in her moves. Tail elongated she floats about with seamless acrobatics atop this fence.

I stayed a non-threatening distance away to capture as much of the action without scaring her and forcing a retreat into the protective layers of the tree’s plush foliage. So, with my trusty iPhone I zoom in for a shot that will appear as though I’m in close proximity to this cute little creature of the wild.

She seemed content with me in her space and so I moved in, slow step by slow step. Camera still aimed directly at her. And that’s when she did it …

… she nestled herself between two spikes at the fence’s apex; wrapped her tail around the central/biggest spike while settling her hind legs on the narrow bar of the fence; she then raised up on her hind legs, lifted her front legs even higher and gently placed her paws inches off the rail. Once in position she stared directly into the lens with a confident and proud demeanor as if to say, “I’m all that and I’m ready for my shot”.

I was ready. Click. Got it!

Others walking by who saw this 10-seconds exhibition unfolding—which felt more like a full-length fashion shoot—joined in my exclamations of pure joy.

I have a feeling she’s done this before! Don’t you?!

This was such a splendiferous nature experience. It gave me a heart smile. Let’s be kinder to Mother Nature. She apportions her joys equally to all. Let’s appreciate her more, be gentle with her offerings for she totally rocks!!

Contributing to Cyranny’s Word of the Day, today’s word is proud; and Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt, the word is apportion.

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

16 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Reflection #11: The Squirrel Model

    1. Hey Yancybear 💕 glad you were able to journey with me sis. That was the intent and so happy it landed that way for you. Big hug 🤗 And thanks for your continued support


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