I Wish You Love©

I wish you love of the purest kind

Love that never lays the blame

Even when the cause is clear

Love that says I’ll help you tame

That heated temper when it flares

Love that doesn’t mind being wrong

Keeping vows made in tact and strong

Love that always generates a smile

Melting away, bridging the miles

Love built firmly on faith and trust

Believing even in the face of doubt

I wish you love as rare as a priceless stone

Love able to transform a house to a home

Love—pure-true-peaceful-strong love

Love carried forever on the wings of doves

Love that endures beyond a life time

Love for eternity, a love like mine

2021 ©createdbyDEEsign 
All rights reserved

Thank you for journeying along!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

3 thoughts on “I Wish You Love©

  1. I got this commentary directly to my WhatsApp and sharing it here—with permission and in gratitude. It’s rewarding and encouraging to know that what I write makes a difference and to see how the words show up for someone else. Sometimes I question the impact of my writing-self then an affirmation likes this comes through and reinvigorates me to keep on writing/sharing.

    “It was like a personal letter from you to me. It shook me, boxed me in my face, then reached out and grabbed me, rubbed the sting away, held me close and tight and told me everything will be ok. It sat me down and schooled me. Told me that life, relationships and real love wont always feel good; that is it a continuous learning/growing/humbling action; that it hurts sometimes but that is when I must swallow my pride, trust the (Father and the) process and let real, selfless love lead.”


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