A Healthy Dose of Perspective: Let’s Talk About “They”

Have you ever met “they”?

You know that all-encompassing “they” that direct and control your life course, your choices, your happiness? The “they” in “what will they say?” or “what will they think?”

But, they don’t live your life, do they?

Then why should their opinion matter as much as they do, or at all? ‘Cause the reality is this: if you spent your entire life aiming to please they, you still could not accomplish the feat. They have an insatiable/unquenchable appetite of opinions that you will never satisfy.

So … how do you get around these notoriously-negative-opinionated they?

First, with knowing you are uniquely you and the path you take will be influenced by what is intrinsically you—your internal compass.

Second, love and trust yourself and your judgment—operate from that intuitive knowledge about who you are (starting with you’re a child of the Most High God) and what you really desire, then live by those terms.

And to top it off, add a good dose of perspective on the opinions of they and

Dress—for you

Post that selfie—for you

Do that workout—for you

You get the picture, right?

Do you, not they, ‘cause only you have to live with the consequences of your decisions.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

16 thoughts on “A Healthy Dose of Perspective: Let’s Talk About “They”

  1. Viv H

    You really have to live for you. You cannot let the ‘They’ control or govern your life. Do you and do what pleases God, and forget about the they around you! Food for thought, thanks for sharing.

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  2. Anonymous

    Aahh sah. Was having this same discussion with a group I was having a mindset transformation session with last Friday. “They” will ALWAYS have something to say, but remember that little story about the old man, the little boy and the donkey? If not, let me refresh your memory.

    The story goes – they were walking along going about their business when they came upon a set of “theys” who said to them, hey, why are the both of you walking? shouldn’t the little boy be on the donkey? The grandfather decided to put the little boy on the donkey, and he led them a little further on their way.

    Shortly after that, they again came upon another set of “theys” who of course had their own opinion on the matter. This time, it was annoyance that the little boy was riding the donkey, while the old man was walking, and so, the little boy hopped off, and the old man exchanged places with him. They continued along their journey, when they again came upon some “theys” further along their way.

    This set of “theys’ again had something to say, and this time around, their opinion was, hey, why don’t the both of your hop on the donkey instead of having the little boy walking and the old man riding said donkey. So, yup, they were both riding the donkey down the road heading along their merry way, when they came upon yet another set of “theys” who this time, had an opinion that took the proverbial cake, since they were extremely annoyed that the two (2) humans were evil enough to be riding this poor donkey, whey they should be carrying him instead.

    And so, yebo, the next picture you see, is of the poor donkey’s hoofs been tied onto a piece of board and being carried upside down by the old man and the little boy. Silly right? The point is that, all the “theys” in the world have their own opinions and perspectives, and you can NEVER satisfy them, even if you try, so WHY even bother try to?

    Whatever makes you happy/contented/satisfied/at peace/YOU, do THAT!!!! (MC).

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    1. Yes that story!!! I’d forgotten about it till now. It’s a perfect illustration MC. “They” seriously opinionated and forever and always will be unsatisfied. Thanks for chipping in 🤗💕🤗


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