Midweek Boost: Life Mottos from A-Z©

Accept you as you are
Believe in the good, do good

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude
Do what you love, do you

Embrace the flaws
Find peace of mind

Give with no expectations
Happiness is fleeting, create joy

Invest in experiences, things are ephemeral
Jump around in bed some times, find your inner child

Kindness is life-changing, be a kind human
Love like you won’t be hurt, live like you will die

Make the space you occupy a better place
Nurture friendships, you’ll need support

Obstacles are opportunities for change, embrace them
Protect your mental health, self-care is NOT selfish

Quiet the noise, listen from within
Remember always, you’re imperfectly perfect and that’s OK!

Say yes to adventures—period!
Treat people with respect

Understand before you seek to be understood
Vulnerability is not weakness, welcome it

Worship God always, it will center you in this ever-changing world
eXpress your voice authentically, be not silenced

You’re beautifully and wonderfully created, know this
Zealously pursue every dream, take chances, it’s ok to fail

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In creative solidarity, Dee

15 thoughts on “Midweek Boost: Life Mottos from A-Z©

  1. odettejreid

    This poem speaks truth to my spirit. It is everything we need right now. It should be our motto for living, especially in this moment of turmoil and unrest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Odette. Great to see you here. Thanks for stopping by my friend. And yes I agree with you—we need all the affirmation and positivity in these days. Stay positive. Cheers, Dee


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