Midweek Boost: Do It Now

I was taught this poem as a child and recited it many times over the years. It’s a beautiful motto I’ve come to live by. Hope this gets you over this hump day.

if with pleasure you are viewing
any work someone is doing
if you like them or you love them
tell them now

don’t withhold your approbation
till the parson makes oration
and they lie with snowy lilies on their brows

no matter how you shout it
they won’t really care about it
they won’t know how many teardrops you have shed

if you think some praise is due them
now’s the time to slip it to them
for they cannot read their tombstone when they’re dead

more than fame and more than money
is the comment kind and sunny
and the hearty, warm approval of a friend

for it gives to life a savor,
and it makes you stronger, braver
and it gives you heart and spirit to the end

if they earn your praise—bestow it,
if you like them let them know it
let the words of true encouragement be said

do not wait till life is over
and they’re underneath the clover
for they cannot read their tombstone when they’re dead

Borrowed from Berton Braley

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In creative solidarity, Dee

9 thoughts on “Midweek Boost: Do It Now

  1. Viv H

    I am so appreciative of this poem. The words are ever so true. Give each other the love while they are alive. No need to say it when they are gone. This is beautiful. Thank you for helping us over the hump!

    Liked by 1 person

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