BirthMONTH—Day 13: I Affirm Today to Trust My Journey

Life is a journey, and we each have our unique way to move through it. But, no matter how different our journeys will be, we all will end life in the same way. Different journeys, similar destination.

The state you’ll be in when you arrive at the destination is based on the choices you make with each step along the way.

Life’s journey comes in SEASONS—some days you’ll experience summer-like joys and winter-like sadness; and other days are spring- and fall-like—changing at such a pace you feel you can’t get a handle on life.

I live in the assurance that each life season has a purpose. I trust the process. I trust the journey.

And, LIVE life—not just survive, but live/thrive—so when death finds you, it finds you alive!

[African proverb: “when death finds you, may it find you alive.”]

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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