Ten Thousand Feet Above©—Tribute To Earth For Earth Day

Ten thousand feet above—that’s high!

High above earth, viewpoint from where iron birds glide

Glide o’er archipelago-dotted ocean

Ocean free-flowing bare-hugging expansive sky

Sky at horizon-point kiss ocean, align, cascade as one

One color—blue—they dance that timeless waltz

Waltz of high-tide-to-low

Low to depths descending beyond islands’ shores

Shores bathed in foam, lapping emerald water

Water from tributaries collide, shifting shades—nature’s mixology at play

Play of caramel-stained river blending ocean’s blue under blue sky, punctuated

Punctuated by clouds—engulfing till a break

Break through, below majestic mountain appearing

Appearing like in salute-at-attention back to azure sky

Sky shifting shades

Shades of orange like sun

Sun setting high

High above earth

Earth—our ONLY home—protect, conserve

2022 ©DeeMin All rights reserved. All photos by DeeMin

Earth 🌍 Day 2022

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