Reckless Love©

In God is Love-complete, there’s no Plan-B

Plan-B is the alternative

Alternative to salvation’s plan

Plan so expansive it bankrupted

Bankrupted heaven for Love left no regard for His own safety

Safety ignored, for Love risked all proving again

Again and again, ‘cause it’s the Love that never gives up

Up or down, Love chases after, even at the risk of being rejected

Rejected 70-times-7, yet still Love forgives the hundred-and-fiftieth time

Time knows no bounds in Love’s calculation. It’s ridiculously crazy, really

Really crazy—enough to leave the ninety-and-nine to go find the one

One lost. Redeemed to make the hundred complete

Complete in Love of “YOU never I” displayed

Displayed selflessly on a cross where Love

Love was crucified, Love bled, Love died

Died on the off chance to win our hearts

Hearts won back by a Love reckless

Reckless Love

Afterword: To say God’s love is reckless is not that God is dangerously careless but that HE loves in such a way that is unconcerned with the consequences to Himself. His love for us is ridiculously crazy!

Inspired by Cory Asbury’s song of the same title, “Reckless Love”:

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