The Introvert & the Mask©

For those with personality traits which can be classified as “introverted”, give them quiet chilled events, few people and less stimulating environments and they’re in their element.

I’m drawn to nature. I can spend hours by myself in a park, by a river, in a garden because the quiet and stillness that I find underneath trees and on river banks never fail to invoke wonder and contentedness within me.

For people with my personality traits, it means that we focus on internal feelings rather than seeking out external sources of stimulation. It doesn’t mean we’re shy, but more reticent.

With my quiet, reserved, and introspective way of being, the mask has been like my superpower. Not as a disguise but as a buffer. Behind the mask I can process some of the information I so readily take in from the environment and to do so in real time and discretely.

Suffice it to say, I’m joyfully wearing my mask—a.k.a. my superpower—though it’s now okay not to mask up.

Happy hump day! Can you believe it’s June already?!

Thanks you for reading!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

20 thoughts on “The Introvert & the Mask©

    1. Absolutely. 100% agree. I’ve literally gotten up from my desk after a bad encounter at work and gone for a walk in a park and it soothed me completely. Nature rocks!!!!! Thanks for stopping by Shweta and for engaging. Dee

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  1. Dee looks so pretty even in a mask 😍

    I love people and I love myself. I too can and i do spend hours in nature daily 😊💖

    We have always been and we shall always be wearing masks 😊

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