Today I cry
Cry for lives massacred, 19 children
Children, scared, minds shocked with horror before
Before bullets shattered their bodies
Bodies ripped apart from ammunition designed for war
War on the innocent calls
Calls to 911: “send cops
Cops—19 armed, trained, vested—stood waiting
Waiting for key to enter a classroom
Classroom where frantic children brave
Brave enough to call while
While armed forces wait

http://www.wsj.com // 21 victims
May their souls rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Afterword: How many more?! If the massacre of a nation’s children is not enough to initiate change, what will!? It took me days to verbalize the sorrow in my heart. I now express my words—65 to be exact—to Sammi’s aptly chosen word for this weekend writing prompt: OUTCRY!

2022 ©DeeMin All rights reserved

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

27 thoughts on “Outcry©

  1. The whole world should be crying out against brutal and barbaric slaughter of such innocent souls. Society has to up its game and take proactive stap#. day arrives we can only hope and pray

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  2. Thanks for verbalizing what we are all feeling, Dee. There was a cry for help, lives to be saved and the police waited–for what? My heart, thoughts and prayers are with the families of those precious lives lost.

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  3. Roxanne

    Wow. I can identify with this sentence, “The angst I’ve been feeling since the massacre of 19 children and 2 adults in their classroom 5 days ago couldn’t be verbalized till now”. Thank you for capturing my feelings so aptly.

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  4. Absolutely soul shattering what had occurred in Texas and what continues to take place in this country. It’s unbelievable. My daughter is 7 years old and her school armed up with cops on property after this. So tragic.

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      1. Yes and we’re not in Texas but in California. It just sucks that these precautions need to happen at all. So scary and the scariest thing is that these people are doing copycat violence. There have been several shootings in May alone.

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          1. They need help before it gets to this level. Many people’s mental health has really suffered since the pandemic. Stricter gun laws aren’t enough. We need to take mental health seriously and as a country, we really don’t. It’s still a taboo if you suffer from depression, anxiety, social anxiety, etc. Many of these young shooters have felt rejected at some point as well.

            I often write about self-help stuff. I touched on some of this in my latest post published today about how being led by our ego can affect us. Feel free to check out my blog.

            Hope you don’t mind I added the link here to make it easier to find. ❤


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            1. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll definitely check it out. You’re absolutely right. Mental health is not prioritized or recognized as a real health need. That must change. Mental health needs to be normalized like any physical ailment.


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