messy-unpredictable-beautiful LIFE!©

—what can I say …
you’re a giver
you’re a taker
you tear-down
you build-up
you bring smiles
you bring tears

—what is it about you …
you keep me guessing
wondering what lies
around your curves
beyond your corners
up your hills
down your vales

—what makes you …
your beautiful mysteries
your spiraling unpredictability
your anxious uncertainties
your known past
your unknown future
your unending surprises

—what you are is …
MESSY sometimes
you are messy-unpredictable-beautiful LIFE!

The week is long. The weekend is short. Midweek is a good point to recharge. Let’s get over the hump living and loving life in all it’s messiness, unpredictability and beauty. Happy hump day!!

2022 ©DeeMin All rights reserved

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

26 thoughts on “messy-unpredictable-beautiful LIFE!©

  1. LIFE! If it wasn’t MESSY… sometimes. We wouldn’t appreciate, how we overcome when it’s UNPREDICTABLE… always. How profoundly it’s truly BEAUTIFUL… forever. Our messy-unpredictable-beautiful… LIFE! Lovely share!

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