Father© — an Abecedarian

And God said: let us make man, our character mirroring

Bestow God-likeness in his very being

Create in him the desire for parenting

Design him to be a guardian of his offspring

Ever present, ever loving, he’s to be—


Giver of life, being fruitful, multiplying

Having his quiver full of children he’s enjoying

Involved is he in all aspects of their upbringing

Joyfully attentive, he’s to be—


Loving the mother of his children respecting

Man with a gentle strength embodying

Nurturing is he, of himself always giving

Open, tender-hearted he’s to be—


Quality time with his children always spending

Role model he will be, example for the following

Spiritual compass he is, guiding

Training and molding, he’s to be—


Virtuous and loyal, he’s devoting

Wise is he, in his thinking

X-traordinary house-band, always protecting

Yielded to God, he’s submitting

Zealous is he for life, he loves living

Happy Fathers’ Day
From A to Z expressing

2022 ©DeeMin All rights reserved

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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