Finding Broken Hearts©

Whitney’s voice breaks through

Pensive state of bewilderedness awash in mystery

Disrupts respite, encroach upon mind’s contemplative wonder

“Where do broken hearts go?”


Do they reside in spaces of intensity that fade over time, love lost?

Or held safely in entrusted, sacred spaces to heal, be restored?

Do they go to places of security that hold their truth to later love out loud?

To live in the now, to envision the unknown, to forgive the past and let go?


If I could but click ruby-red heels like Dorothy

Magically transported back to home, not masquerading

Authentic self, made whole, restored

Heart freed to love unapologetically, bold


I’d write verses of rhythm and rhymes

Regale heart pain out loud in epic poetry

Sing them like Whitney or wish them like Dorothy

To that place where broken hearts go

2022 ©createdbyDEEsign  
All rights reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

10 thoughts on “Finding Broken Hearts©

    1. Mine too. I watched a documentary on her life and death a couple days ago and she’s inspiring all kinds of creativity in me. I miss her. What a beautiful contributor to our world she was.


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