Walking In the Rain© |with audio

No one sees my tears when I’m walking in the rain

Thoughts tumble over precipice like a runaway train

Swirling around in stormy emotions no way to restrain

No one sees my tears when I’m walking in the rain

There’s no denying my heart’s a delicate terrain

Free falling cascading flowing o’er and o’er again

No one sees my tears when I’m walking in the rain

Like blood pulsating racing through my vein

Thoughts run amok like tsunami can’t contain

No one sees my tears when I’m walking in the rain

It’s war. It’s children … it’s people massacred. It’s crime. It’s violence—It’s insane

This pain—setting up like storm for a cloudy-dark reign

No one sees my tears when I’m walking in the rain

It’s raining

I’m going walking, for …

No one sees my tears when I’m walking in the rain

2022 ©DeeMin All rights reserved

Afterword: My heart bleeds for the world—our home. The world has never seen 100 million refugees—people displaced from their homes or homelands—14 million of them added in just the past 100+ days alone from the war in Ukraine. In the US, 2 mass shootings 1,700 miles and 2 weeks apart but bounded by 18. Two men-boys—only 18 years old—chose to massacre innocent people only on the basis that they are black and the other we don’t yet know the motive. In 18 short years how is it that your heart can become so cold, so callous, so filled with hatred? How can you amass such levels of hopelessness, despair, anger that at 18 you’re capable of turning such visceral hate outward to the world? My heart bleeds—for the kind of society we have created where children murder children—for 18 is but a child in many ways and a critical, delicate transition point in the development process. What are we missing in raising our children? I feel like I’m walking in non-stop rain asking myself: what more can I do? This post is a little emotionally heavy but it’s brought on by the state of our world.

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

26 thoughts on “Walking In the Rain© |with audio

    1. Viv H

      You are so right. No one really takes the time to even see your pain, so how would they even see your tear when it looks like raindrop on the vey tip of your lash. No one will ever see your tear in hen you are out in the rain. Thanks for that piece , I really needed it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah often we go around masking our tears/pain. It’s a blessing to have people in our lives we can be real with and cry in the sunshine (or any time really). Thanks for stopping in Viv!!!!


  1. Anonymous

    Sigh; I have started and stopped SO many times; trying to even BEGIN to put into words; my feelings as they relate to ALL that’s transpiring in our world. But when I am THIS hurt, that’s when words fail me. May the creator help us ALL!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. collective SIGH. Times of deep sorrow is also when words fail me. It took me days to process this enough to write it out. Short of a global miracle I don’t see how things will get better. God help us!!!!


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