darkness© World Mental Health Day, 10 October| with audio

it showed up on a Wednesday after dark—knocked
knocked with determination on the entrance
entrance of mind awakened
awakened from stupor gathering
gathering wits about moving down
down the stairs across the hall meandering
meandering through the passage way peers
peers through the peep hole of the door
door to mind and sees it
it is sinister
sinister a force forces its way in uninvited
uninvited into the deepest recesses
recesses of mind cobwebbed
cobwebbed like a closet blacker
blacker than the darkest night
night formed from childhood hurts grown
grown-up disappointments mind now
mildew-stained of if-only-could-o’-been-not-enough-what-if
if mind now molded-grief from loss
loss from betrayal from rejection in those
those dusty crevices resides a familiar
familiar stranger thoughts redirecting
redirecting emotions orchestrating there
there staring right back it
it showed up on a Wednesday after dark—knocked

Afterword: Darkness can be from issues that you dare not let anyone see or know about, the issues you struggle with alone and silently … it’s time to open the door, let in the light, you’re not alone!

This piece was first published 16 August 2022 and republished for Mental Health Day.

2022 ©Dawn Minott All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

14 thoughts on “darkness© World Mental Health Day, 10 October| with audio

    1. Hi Khaya. Yes indeed there are a lot of reasons why “now” is a dark time for many but indeed if we step out (…of whatever is the cause) then we find help/light/love but it does take vulnerability. Sadly we often see being vulnerable as a weakness so we stay with what feels safe and it’s often not healthy // darkness vs light.

      Thanks for the compliment on the poem’s construction, i appreciate your recognizing / acknowledging that !!!

      Cheers to light and LOL (living out loud)

      Liked by 1 person

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