Time Won©

Hello Everyone! I didn’t get to post at all for these past two weeks. When most people are gearing down to year end, because of one of my major work projects—16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence—my schedule goes in the opposite direction and it’s more like I’m revving up. I had a lot to say but not a lot of time to spare to say it, so bringing back this piece to quickly say: “Time Won” AGAIN!

What a week! What a workweek!
There was no time for the solace I seek
Not even a wee bit of time with friends to speak
Deadlines on deadlines piled up to a peak
Each day the prospects of blogging grew bleak
It’s like time was playing hide and go sneak
I lost every round, it was on a winning streak
Crept up from behind, smacked me dead on the cheek
I won! I won! You’re the loser again this week

©2022 Dawn Minott All rights reserved 

Thank you for reading.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

8 thoughts on “Time Won©

  1. Hi Dee! This sounded like a fun rap song poem!
    I was swaying my arms, clapping and snapping my fingers while I recited it.

    Time is a trickster and no one can win from it. Better to enjoy the moment. 😀

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    1. Hey Harshi!!! Wish I could o’ seen you. So glad you enjoyed this piece. Yes we gotta live in the moment cuz time is indeed a trickster. You think you’re on top of it and suddenly you’re not!!!!! Happy weekend

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