Blue Christmas©️| with audio


Of all the holidays we celebrate each year

This is the one that embodies the most cheer

Colorful lights flashing, festive decorations everywhere

Transforming homes and decking trees left bare


Gifts carefully selected, wrapped, topped off with bows

Placed under trees anticipating the glee they’ll bestow

Menu of your favorites selected, guest list in tow

It will be a celebration, fingers crossed—there’ll even be snow


You left without a warning, there were no clues

You checked out of life, broke my heart in a million twos

Every year will be a blue Christmas without you too

No hugs or kisses lavished, forever gone the YOUnique you


Gifts wrapped in love, left unopened under the tree

Like the sorrows that plagued your heart, too deep, I couldn’t see

You smiled and laughed, you danced with me

All the while masking the darkest parts of thee


Those on the outside looking in, contemplative wonder

You seemed to have it all, what could have been the matter?

All is incomplete when it’s devoid of the Master

Empty longings run deep, gifts are but a temporary plaster


In the shopping, the decorating we’ve nearly forgotten too

He’s the reason for this season, like at His birth, too little ado

The meaning of life lost outside of the One who created you

It will always be a blue Christmas—Jesus—without You

Afterword: On the eve of Christmas, this tribute poem was influenced by the reality that the holidays are the hardest when you’ve lost loved ones. It’s also an outcry of my heart as I mused over the passing of Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss—yet another life self-cancelled, seemingly without warning.

2022 ©Dawn Minott All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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