Shabbat Shalom: Living Hyphenated©️ Dawn Minott | a sestet

You’re a woman of faith, said he
Refusing to join the party of “woe is me”
Standing at the crossroads of hyphenated identity
Straddling the fine line of conjoined affinity
The shortest distance connecting divergent words
Yet the greatest distance between colliding worlds

Wrestling within with identities, two
Pondering which is the true you
Is it the half that doubts and frets
Filled with sadness and regrets?
Is it the other that’s thrilled with hope and wonder
Scavenging life’s downs—a fortune hunter?

What comes in the hyphen is the interval
Whether left or right it’s a fight for survival
Too deep under there’s no indicator light
No redirection to the surface, a frightening plight
Release air, bubbles of self-assurance forming
Follow bubbles—rise always toward surface soaring

Identity is who you are despite the circumstances
Who you are is not a game of luck or chances
Whether in the good times or in the bad
Whether the situation makes you happy or makes you sad
You are betwixt and between the hyphenated you
Grab ahold of the purpose of what you’re born to do

Child-of-God/child-of-human—interconnected being
One you—living duality inward refereeing
You—the image of God, a god-given soul
Yet you—locked in a body of skin and bone
The paradoxical self—looking out through eyes
Visions of living hyphenated—the you to harmonize

2023 All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

18 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom: Living Hyphenated©️ Dawn Minott | a sestet

  1. messamn

    Thank you my sister. Such a lovely heart warming poem so beautifully written. Love the rythem! Filled with hope and optimism. So encouraging. A great mid week boost!

    Liked by 1 person

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