Saturday was Silent—The Last Week to Easter ©Dawn Minott |with audio

What a week … what a week it was

Starting out with quite the applause

Ending with what was indeed quite bold

It’s victorious end this poem will unfold

Lowly He enters the town, riding on a colt

It stirs excitement, deafening crowds are all about

“Hosanna!” “Hail the king!” they’re all shouting

Along the path their cloaks and palm leaves are laying

Throughout the temple money changers’ tables overturning, driving them out

Causing quite the stir, leaders plot—die He must—on this there is no doubt

Tried and tried with all their wit, parables He told they couldn’t decipher

Resorted they did to bribery, a most expensive kiss costed 30 pieces of silver

There He’s in Bethany, in the house of Simon He’s residing

When Mary pours expensive oil—in preparation for His anointing

Criticism mounted questioning such squander

For no one, but her, knew what lie just o’er yonder

Disciples with Rabbi celebrating Last Supper

In the midst sits the betrayer, a mocking kiss soon to deliver

At midnight—death, darkness, hell—awoke to His divinity

He drew them unto Himself, eternally conquered to rescue humanity

The crowd that once shouted: “Hosanna to the king!”

Now, in hate, they’re screaming: “Crucify Him!”

Illegally tried convicted, sentence pronounced in Pilot’s hall

Condemned to die a criminal’s death, crucified on a cross to redeem us all

In Joseph’s tomb He’s laid, resting

Till ‘twas time on resurrection morning

For the mighty stone to be rolled away

He broke through death and hell that day

That day—light conquered darkness, faith overcame fear

Love defeated hate, hope triumphed o’er despair

The last week to Easter—ushering in the season

Humanity’s salvation—that’s the heavenly reason

After-word: Easter is almost upon us. The Bible (John 18-20) records the triumphant entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem. The days following leads us through the anointing by Mary, bribery, plots and schemes, a last supper, an illegal trial leading to His crucifixion, and ends with His resurrection. This is the basis of Christianity—the sacrifice of Jesus ushered in the reNEWed Covenant God promised. Reflecting on these days leading up to His crucifixion gives us a peek into the heart of our Savior at intently close proximity. His SO love for us is manifested in every act and every step toward the cross, in His every breath—up to the last—that was breathed again for us at His resurrection.

2023 All rights reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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