Introverted ©Dawn Minott

Dear World,

I’m introverted

My matter-of-fact stance is often misunderstood

Some think I’m distant or aloof, others say I’m intimidating

Nothing is further from the truth

It’s likely that I’m deep in thought

Or that I’m observing the environment around me

My life compass—it’s a never ending 3-60-degree focus

Always listening, always planning, envisioning or writing

The endless balancing of mind’s up-down climb on the decision tree of “what ifs”

Shy, I’m not, reticent though—that would be quite fitting

I’m likely not the first to speak, or may not speak at all

When I speak it’s a decisive choice, a point most necessary for the making

Adding value, adding integrity, moving the needle on what’s being discussed

By the time I’ve made a decision there’s been a hundred thoughts ahead

Give me quiet spaces, time alone to just be

This is how I gather energy

Don’t mistake, then, my reservation for lackluster

I’m introverted and that’s just that

Sincerely, an Introvert

2023 All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

14 thoughts on “Introverted ©Dawn Minott

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    1. I sure would enjoy that talk. Life (with a capital L😊) is amazing. We only have this one Life, living it fully every second we are afforded is a blessing. So I love Life and I live it out loud everyday in every way. So glad you stopped by!!! Let’s have that chat one of these days 😊 ☕️😊


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