More Than Enough ©Dawn Minott

7 in the Bible—it’s replete through and through
This ode is the coming together of 5 and of 2
5 and 2 when placed in the hands of the Divine
Gifts thought to be too small with big destiny realign

It occurred after the disciples toiled in ministry all the long day
Wearily returned to the Master there was so much they wanted to say
Excited to tell of bodies healed, of minds they saw set free
The excitement trumped the weariness, but their loving Master sees

Compassion swelled His heart when He saw their full depletion
All He wanted do was improve their weary disposition
“Come away with me”, He invited, then turned and bid them follow
They had no clue His invite would change their every tomorrow

Enthralled with the thought of together time with their Master
It was enough to buoy their bewildered spirits higher
Incessant talking, stories exchanging, changed their frame of mind
Oblivious to the growing multitude gathering far behind

Everywhere the Master went the crowds were known to come after
This time they followed Him to a desolate place, there was no food, no water
The Master taught, while all the time diseases He was healing
Before too long, the day wore on, the masses needed feeding

Five thousand men plus women plus children, equalled ‘bout 15 thousand
That’s a lot to feed, especially if you’re out on a deserted mountain
Send them away the disciples advised, there’s nothing we can do
Oh no, said Christ, they will be fed and it will be through you

If you won’t send the crowd away then would you bid us leave
To the nearby towns so we can supplement the little we’ve received
What’s that you have in hand, the Master then inquired
Just 5 and 2, hardly enough for what this multitude required

Place your 5, place your 2 in my hands dear friends
Watch God multiply beyond what you will comprehend
Turning toward His Father, eyes cast up t’ward heaven
Blessings He pronounced and multiplied their five and two—seven

What is the 5, what is the 2 you have in gifts and talents?
It’s not too small when entrusted to the God who is so gallant
Your 5 plus 2 will be multiplied for the purpose you were chosen
For God has more than enough ways, He can multiply your 7


Afterword: Oftentimes we appraise ourselves as less-than the tasks at hand and look to others to sure-up what we think is too small. But you are and you have more than enough. God has equipped you for the purpose for which you were born. This story in the gospels (which can be read here: Matthew 14:13-22) is to remind us—on our own our gifts may seem small, but when entrusted to God we can do all things for in Him our 5 and 2 is more than enough for what we’ve been called to do!

2023 All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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