It’s Raining … Suicide ©️Dawn Minott |Mental Health Awareness

It’s raining young people off roofs

Suicide epidemic—the numbers are proof

A single gun shot aimed at the head

Appearing well but next day, dead


Don’t take it for granted you’ll see the signs

Till you read another tragedy in the headlines

Don’t judge by what you see on the outside

It’s not always a testimony of the turmoil inside

Life may be hard even when they make it seem easy

Smiling through tears, living life like it’s breezy

Emitting the brightest light while absorbing life’s darkest

Till it’s too much and they give up, do the hardest

You don’t know what someone may be going through

Laughing through pain, hiding feelings of blue

Be a kind human, mind the words you say

That word may be the one to save a life today (in the US)
2023 [republished] All rights reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dawn

19 thoughts on “It’s Raining … Suicide ©️Dawn Minott |Mental Health Awareness

  1. It is mind-blowing Dawn about how much this is becoming an epidemic. 😢 Thank for continuing to raise awareness about something that was once uncommon, now becoming a familiar nightmare. 🙏🏼 The external noise that is plaguing our societies around the world is staggering. People believe and have bought into lies more than love. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Kym dear it really is mind-blowing. It’s part of why I appreciate your positivity. With the looming darkness in just about every sphere of life I look for light wherever I can find it and hold on to it!!!! Keep doing you as brightly as you do sistah !!!!!

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      1. Dawn, you have tugged at my heartstrings. I was talking to my brother about this very thing and the times are clearly different from when I was growing up. It appears that there is no respect for the gift of life because of all of society’s pressures that send us spiraling out of control (if we allow them to).

        Like you, I have to feed off of the light and hold on to hope. We have to refocus on the gift of life, the positive aspects that keep us going, and don’t get distracted by the distractions, although we know they are all around us. “Hope” girlfriend is what keeps us going, and you too continue to let your light shine ever so brightly. You own that sistah! ✋🏼🤜🏼🤛🏼👍🏼

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        1. Yes owning it. Hope hope and more hope.

          The US surgeon general for 1st time put out warning ⛔️ for young people and social media ⚠️ we didn’t have to deal with this direct bombardment when we were growing up. And algorithm that is a constant feed into whatever is feeding people’s psyche to self-cancel.

          Let’s keep the positivity in the spaces we occupy sistah girl!!! Big e-hug 🤗


    1. Tears welled up as I read this Natalie. I’m so glad you stayed, what a blessing to life we would have missed (and I know this from the small part of your offer on WP, I imagine how great your impact has been in life). Thanks for being vulnerable to share that. Big hugs 🤗💗💗😊


    1. These are indeed tough times. If I may share—for me, I find solace in my relationship with God. Without that I know I’d not be able to hold it together. And I minimize my exposure to the sadness around (mostly watching select parts of the news). Let’s hold a safe space for those in our circles who are hurting. Stay safe and well

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  2. Anneta Pinto-Young

    This is deep and creatively conveys a lot of the sentiment that is being expressed in our world recently. The devil is a sly old fox and such a liar! People really need the love of Jesus, expressed through the church. ❤️💖💗🙏🏾

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    1. People’s hearts are failing from fear and the result is this pandemic of canceling their lives. I couldn’t agree with you more —we, the church, must do more to show that Jesus loves and care.


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