Hi, I’m Dee

Creative soul. Artsy to the core. Poet, Speaker, Author. An unapologetic lover of God, of love and of all things nature. Hardcore logophile with an epigrammatic style. Thanks for visiting!

Let’s hang out:

About Me

I am motivated to write from observing what I believe God created-by-design like nature, family, love, and relationship. I also like interior design and in every space I curate I incorporate elements of God’s art found in nature. The title, “createdbyDEEsign”, therefore is to signify the co-creation between my DaddyGod and me.

My work has been published in anthologies, magazines and newspapers then I later wrote and published my first book: “Moments: A Poetic Heart Journey”. And I continue to write.

When I’m not writing creatively, I work for an international organization to promote social progress, better living standards and human rights.

Whether you landed in this space by choice or curiosity, I hope being here inspires you to be brave and to use your voice and your mode of creative expressions to show up fully and influence the spaces you occupy.

About the Blog

The blog is an eclectic collection of POEMS about love, life and relationships; PHOTO REFLECTIONS about nature; a weekly motivational MIDWEEK BOOST in poetry or prose; as well as a weekly INSPIRATIONAL REFLECTIONS series, “Shabbat Shalom”, covering various aspects of relationship with God.

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