“In an age and time where poetry and prose of the heart are slowly being replaced with musical thumps wrapped in loud beats that demand our undivided attention, this book is a solace of poetic expressions wherein you may pause from the “hurried busyness” of life and soothe your soul.

It is a compelling life story that will touch your soul, move your heart, and inspire you to embark on your own quest to having/possessing/enjoying life right here, right now.” By Gail Masondo, Author, “Now This Feels Like Home”.

Praises for “Moments”

“I once read that ‘the universe is made of stories, not atoms’. We are therefore all connected by the stories we tell. In “Moments: A Poetic Heart Journey” Dawn tells her story of her quest for God, and in a very real sense, God’s quest for her. Her poems, her story, carry us to the extremes of sorrow and unexpected joy, even as we search for meaning in this world.”

Abraham Julius Jules, D.Min
Community Worship Center, NY, USA

“This book is a wonderful read because the moment that I purchased it, I read it from cover to cover and it moved me both emotionally and spiritually. I enjoyed the interlude to each poem because it gives the reader insight before each poem. The rhythm of each poem leap from the pages and pull me into my own reflective moment in time. Bravo Dawn!!! I look forward to reading more of your works in the near future.”

Monique Eveillard, NY, USA

“Moments is a rare gift Dawn has so generously shared not just with friends but the whole humanity. Its literary genre, content and sincerity with which it is communicated liken it to St. Augustine’s Confession, the greatest autobiography of all time. Moments dazzles in its profound appreciation of NOW as a GIFT.”

Emeka Xris Obiezu, Nigeria

“This work of creative excellence has truly captivated my own heart, emotions and all! Dawn’s versatility and intellectual acumen in juxtaposing the genres of poetry and prose to challenge us to take a personal journey, is indeed awesome. I am delighted, beyond measure, to endorse this outstanding literary work.”

Nola Estwick, Author, Barbados & USA

This book is as much intriguing as it is inspiring. Dawn bravely, yet tenderly, grapples with some of the greatest challenges of our time such as love, discipline, brokenness, restoration and social responsibility. These poems will bring tears to yours eyes; but, they will also flood you with peace, joy and hope as you see the unconditional love of God who alone restores and gives new beginnings to all who have experienced brokenness, rejection, abuse, self-doubt and feel like they can never love again. You will find the interactive style of this book to be quite engaging and life transforming.

Samuel Misiani, Pastor, Amazing Grace SDA Church, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Reading this book was an intensely pleasurable experience. “A poetic heart Journey” truly captures the essence of this book. One has the impression that the writer is opening her heart to the reader. She bares her soul. The work exudes sincerity and makes one enter the experiences of the writer. This is the story of a woman who has truly experienced God in her life. It’s a journey she made to get there, a journey that is continuous, and she challenges us to make this journey with God. This book is truly inspirational and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Harriet Yearwood, Educator (retired), Barbados
Book signing soirée—creative expressions of poetry & music

It has been a joyful pleasure to read this fascinating and thought- provoking book. Dawn, with ease, took me on an exciting journey as she chronicled some of her experiences and encounters of life. She passionately shared from her heart. The book challenges us to learn to pay attention to the moments of life rather than contemplating life in its entirety.

Daviceto Swaby, Pastor, Applecreek SDA Church, Toronto, Canada