Cuba: The Country, The Revolution, The Cars

Cuba, trade embargoed, locked in a time capsule
History inextricably linked
Revolution with antique, vintage, classic
Iconic as cigars and Che Guevara
Cruising along the Malecón broad esplanade
Gliding majestically through narrow winding streets of Havana
Shimmering like bright vintage jewels, kaleidoscopic colors floating by
Parked strategically, juxtaposed to gorgeous ornate buildings
Combined 100s of years—a living car museum
Cuba, proud island of yesterday’s cars

Cruising around Havana in a 1960-something Chevy

This piece was written for Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Yesterdays Cars as ode to my trip to the beautiful island of Cuba

Thank you for reading!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

8 thoughts on “Cuba: The Country, The Revolution, The Cars

  1. Fellow anthropologists always commented on the cars, and how they were maintained with love and improvisation. Another country that had a similar rep for old American autos from the ’50s-60’s was Costa Rica ( way back).

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    1. Hi Lou. Indeed. There’s a lot of ingenuity in maintaining those cars in Cuba — mixing and matching parts then bright colors to appear as “new”. I didn’t know about CR. Great to learn something new. Thanks for stopping by and engaging. Dee


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