Sunday Photo Reflection #18: The Art in Nature

If it creeps or crawls, you can be guaranteed there’ll be one reaction from me—a mad dash in the opposite direction!

I’m sitting on the porch and look up to see this grasshopper lazing on the rail.


… I’m not having that feeling-to-run feeling. Umm — it seems being in the garden all summer and encountering creepy-crawlies has toughened me up a bit. Cool!

So, I’m staying still and I may as well take pix. Out comes my trusty iPhone—SNAP! SNAP!!

Not fleeing means I’m getting to see this insect “up close and personal” for the very first time. And what an intricately-designed beauty of nature this is, complete with a herringbone pattern on its hind legs connected by what look like screws.

Hope you’ll enjoy viewing this little gift from Mother Nature. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!

Thank you for journeying along!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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