BIRTHmonth: Day 30 Concluding Affirmation—I Affirm Today to Self-Love

Before-word: To celebrate my birthMONTH I declared an affirmation for each day. At the end of the month I conclude with the affirmation to self-love, because you must first love yourself in order to love anyone else. This emanates from the ultimate love—the love of and for God. This was the April I affirm to …

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Snappy One Liners #5: Right Love

Doing something a little different this week. No poetry. No prose. Instead I’ll be posting a series of snappy one-liners that are as good as a mouthful like: Love isn’t forced, if s/he’s wrong for you, s/he can’t love you the right way. You may also like previous posts in the series: #1Change, #2Be YOUniquely …

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New Dawn Rising©

Heart-eyes covered in love notseeingLies sweetly wrapped in rosesmaskingRevelation in actions there’s nodenyingSupple flesh like petalsup-curlingHeart breaks like cardiacarrestingChambers swirl blood fastpumpingSoul from soul separatedisconnectingEmotions escape like petalsfree-falling Regretsurrendering Strongholdbreaking Loverecoiling Welcome re-flowering New dawnrising 2021 ©createdbyDEEsignAll Rights Reserved Thank you for reading! First time to the site? You may start here👈 and for more …

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Some Days Other Days©

Some days I amaze myself Other days I’m searching for the phone While talking on it 😜🤪🙄 Then I remind myself Hang in there Written for Jim Adams’ Thursday Inspiration, today’s prompt is “hang.” Thanks you for reading! First time to the site? Start here👈 and for more follow the blog here👈In creative solidarity, Dee

Messy-Unpredictable-Beautiful Life!©

—what can I say ... LIFE! you're a giveryou're a taker you tear-downyou build-up you bring smiles you bring tears —what is it about you LIFE! you keep me guessing wondering what lies around your curves beyond your corners up your hills down your vales —what makes you LIFE! your mysteries your unpredictability your uncertaintiesyour …

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A Letter to Your Younger Self: The “HOW TO”

I did this exercise (writing to my younger self) a few years ago and revisited it recently. I found it therapeutic and fun! It’s a good way to explore your relationship with yourself, to reconnect to points in your past and use that connection to inform positive changes for your now and your future. Have …

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