9/11 20 Years Ago

Where were you on this day 20 years ago?

I had just walked into the hotel room in London. I was on my way back to Barbados (where I was stationed at the time), coming from a meeting in Torino, (Turin) Italy.

The TV was already on when I entered the room, but muted. A plane flew into a building but I paid no attention, because clearly it was a movie. I went to change to a news station as I always do when I arrive a new location, and realized the TV was already on BBC. I turned to CNN. CNN was playing the same ‘movie’. I turned on the volume. By now it was evident that the US was under attack. Newscasters were fighting to keep composure. This was no movie.

My sister was living in NY at the time. I called. No answer. I called a minute after and her line was down. I called my mom, who lives in Florida, the line was down.

I went to the hotel lobby and it seems every guest had the same idea. We all huddled by the TVs. When the second plane flew into the second tower the entire lobby exclaimed in simultaneous horror.

All flights were grounded. I was to stay in London for longer than a night layover, as was planned.

It turned out my sister was ok.

But not so for almost 3000 souls that were lost that fateful day, and the thousands of lives that have been shattered and left reeling from this inconceivable loss.

America or the world has not been ok since.

9/11 is forever etched in my mind as the day evil was personified.

Let’s never forget—not the day, not the lives lost and not what that day taught. 9/11 also showed that there’s more that bring us together than that divide us.

Let love be our default and not hate.


From NY, with ❤️ love


15 thoughts on “9/11 20 Years Ago

    1. Viv H

      So devastating…. I remembered exactly where I was standing in my aunt’s house in Canada when it happened. I was to leave a few days later back to Florida, but those few days turned into weeks later. I remember like it was yesterday. Heartbreaking!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. It was. It was bad enough as adults facing it and trying to understand, but when it really began to bother my son it made me realize that all of our children were suffering worse because their limitations in comprehension. It was heartbreaking and a nightmare.


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