Orchid Mom Log—1st bloom of 2021

I love orchids!!!

It took me awhile to get the hang of growing them. In fact, I literally killed 9 … no that doesn’t sound good at all, let me rephrase … 9 orchids died while under my care (lol 😂). So this bloom is a HUGE deal—it’s from one of the orchids that is re-blooming under my care and it’s MY 1st FLOWER OF THE SEASON.

I’m so happy.

I’m proud to say I now have 11 orchids and ALL of them are set to re-bloom. All except one have sent out new spikes and all have new nodes (some of them multiple nodes). I’m ecstatic and filled with anticipation waiting for all the plants to flower.

Happy orchid mom … 😄

Thank you for reading! Follow the blog👈 for more.

In creative solidarity, Dee

One thought on “Orchid Mom Log—1st bloom of 2021

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