A Pastor’s Birthday Tribute©

When a piece is commissioned I usually consult with the client and/or friends or family to get the backstory to create a piece that is personal and reflective of the context the client wishes to convey. In this case, it was easy because this was for my beloved Pastor, Abraham Jules—writing it was pure joy.

Some simply call you Pastor, others affectionately say PJ
Still others of us say Pastor Jules, for me you’re PastorJ
Some call you brother, others call you friend
Still no matter what we call you, you are Shepherd—on you we depend

We depend on you for comfort when life’s stormy billows roar
When we go through life’s changing seasons that shake us to the core
We rely on your steady hand to ably guide us through
We know we’re blessed, for not every Pastor is as dependable as you

We look to you for spiritual advice, to be a moral compass and guide
You direct us to our Savior, Christ, so in Him our confidence abide
We can bank on you for sermons that will challenge, inspire, motivate
To help us grow in Christ on earth, then meet Him at Heaven’s gate

Pastor you are Abraham, the father of this flock and more
There will never be enough words to say just how much we adore
The time you give, the life you live, the love you freely share
The counsel you provide, the prayers you invoke to God for our care

On this your special day we call on heaven:

To shower you with blessings beyond what you think of or conceive
To give you a discerning spirit and eye salve to truly see
To help you be like Christ, not seeing sin but sinners in need of grace
To give you faith and patience to help you run this race

On this your special day
All our hearts, our very best thoughts combine as one to say: Happy Birthday Pastor J!

Thank you for reading!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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