Lost Between Forever & Always

Meandering through the malaise of what could have been Dodging word-wars hurled in fiery exchanges Delicate foreskin of fortitude penetrated Breaking down defenses Wandering brokenly Love, lost somewhere between forever and always 2021 ©createdbyDEEsign. All rights reserved. Thank you for reading! First time to the site? Start here👈 and for more follow the blog here👈In …

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a Haiku

Holding on from fear When you know it is over Letting go of fear 2021 © createdbyDEEsign. All rights reserved. Thank you for reading! First time to the site? Start here👈 and for more follow the blog here👈In creative solidarity, Dee

Love: 6 Word Story

When LOVE ends, it’s never even. Written for Shweta Suresh’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. The word is “love.” Check out her blog for the rules and join in the fun. Thanks you for reading! First time to the site? Start here👈 and for more follow the blog here👈In creative solidarity, Dee

In God’s Hands©

Slamming door No goodbyes Footsteps fading quickly No backward glance Skidding tires Racing from a life built together Snow flakes— Gently falling, clinging to bare branches Teardrops— Slowly rolling, staining my round dark cheeks Small puddles— Forming, gliding along the window sill Tail lights— Retreating, fading in the distance In the beginning, talk came easy …

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A Pastor’s Birthday Tribute©

When a piece is commissioned I usually consult with the client and/or friends or family to get the backstory to create a piece that is personal and reflective of the context the client wishes to convey. In this case, it was easy because this was for my beloved Pastor, Abraham Jules—writing it was pure joy. …

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Lovers’ Quote: Inhale Exhale©

This is for One-Liner Wednesday: lovers’ quote: “your inhales are of my exhales” ©2021 createdbyDEEsign All rights reserved Linda hosts One-Liner Wednesday. Check out her blog for the rules and to see who else is participating today. Thank you for reading! First time to the site? Start here👈 and for more follow the blog here👈In …

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It Hurts©

In an age where we are most socially connected (digitally), under this pandemic we are the most isolated (humanly). How many are slumped over (literally and figuratively) from grief, loss, discontent or isolation causing what feels like a gaping hole in our core. Melancholy—the void that debilitates, immobilizes—is the essence of what Albert Gyorgy communicated …

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BirthMONTH—Day 8: I Affirm Today to Level Up

Word of the day—PURPOSED—to have as one's intention or objective I read somewhere a definition of FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real, and it stuck with me. The biggest obstacle to leveling up in life, love or relationship is F.E.A.R. The fear of rejection, or of failure, or of what someone may say. But, if …

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Here it comes again Living in the past What could have been, should have been Deception Preconceived notions Not knowing what she thought she knew so well Discovering beliefs Navigating norms Wishing things were different If only she could change, erase Hoping about impossible situations Retaking pathways of pain previously travelled Not letting go Troubled …

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Love Jones©

... yeah, she gotta love jones—for him: It’s the handsome way he stands out in a crowd Strong muscular features that complement Chiseled angles of caramel-toned face Perfectly-formed brows arched protectively over Pools of dark-brown eyes Eyes that glitter with mischief, laughter and delight Or, could it be nose gently protruding Above the sensuous pout …

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Simple Love©

Unassuming Void of unreal expectations Given unconditionally Asking for nothing in return Not fallen into Mutually given and received Appreciated, prized above all things Accepting the little as gratefully as the big This is what I’ve found in you Thank you for loving me with a simple love Thank you for reading! Follow the blog👈 …

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What Is Love?©

Is it the whimper in a baby’s cryOr the joy from laughter thrilling? Is it the uncertainty in a child’s first wordOr the surety of life’s final word slipping? Is it the warmth of a friend’s bare-hugOr the fragrance of spring-flower’s blooming? Is it the dew drops of morn’s early dawnOr  evening’s sun crimson-like setting? Is …

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Love Deep To Deeper©

He’s a man of emotions deep, like ocean’s untapped places and out-of-this-world spaces Intense, they flow like liquid gold from deep within a furnaced heart, words clothed in sultry endearment Each, a languag of intimate expressions of deep emotional proportions Babe Beautiful My queen My love Each call-out expressing the epitome of affections deep, attaching …

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Poem: It’s In The Way We Know©

It's in the way you know meChoose meListen to meConsole meDefend meStand by me, beside meSupport me It's in the way I know youRespect youTrust in youAdmire youDesire youConnect to you, with youSupport you Souls cleaveHearts believeDesires peakWords speakAffections growWe know Thank you for reading! Follow the blog👈 for more.In creative solidarity, Dee

FALLING© (a poem)

Before-word: LOVE! “Falling” in love is euphoric. In the early stages it’s like all rational thoughts are hijacked, isn’t it?! It’s no coincidence it’s referred to as falling ... Euphoric ascension in love FALLING Eyes locked in indepth soul searching Conversations unending Hearts in unity flip-flopping Each passing moment lingering More of you and more …

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Dating 101—You’re The Catch

Before-word: A few weeks ago I gave a talk to young women and men in Johannesburg who requested me to speak to their youth group on dating. Then a few days ago I was asked similar questions about dating by another young person. So it prompted me to share some ideas here. Remember in university …

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Tribute: Remember Me© [phase 2]

Before-word: I wrote this piece as a tribute to the life of a dear dear friend (may her soul Rest In Peace). There was so much to say about this beautiful life, sharing it here in phases, this is phase 2. Remember Me In Familial Affection I am the affectionThe arms which held my mamma …

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God Blesses the Child Who Hurts©

Before-word: Growing up without my father, the impact of paternal absence influenced very strongly my views of “father”. Even more debilitating for a child were the fears that this absence bred—the fear of being abandoned and of being rejected. This piece is written (and included in my book “Moments: A Poetic Heart Journey”) as part …

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i want a love like that LOVE© (a poem)

Before-word: It’s been described as “A Many Splendored Thing” in poems (William Waterway). It’s the themes of movies and the hook of songs. It’s described as euphoric. It’s said we fall into it and even fall out of it. For all it’s ups and downs (oxytocin and all), one thing is for certain—I’m totally in …

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When you want to say “I love you” and your sweetheart is all kinda SWEET, say it creatively with sweet/candy wrappers. You’re that EXTRA-special kind o’ LOVESTARBURSTing emotionsSending heart waves into a pleasurable SYMPHONY of ORBITJUICY FRUIT kissesOut of this world MILKYWAY delish You make each relationship day feels like PAYDAYNobody better not lay a …

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Two As One In Love© (a poem)

Before-word: I wrote and recited this piece for two of my dearest friends on the occasion of their wedding. Where once it was “me and I” inhaled—now “us and we” exhalingBirthed through pangs of willing submission, full surrenderOn this two-becoming-one journeyStarting in the acknowledgement that you are his and he is yoursTwo lives entwined together …

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