Today marks the International Day to End Violence Against Women

1 in 3 women globally, and 1 in 4 young women, experience physical or sexual violence, mostly by an intimate partner. This is a crime. If you see something, say something—you just may save a life.

Words laced with malice hurling

Fingers interlacing

Balled-up fists pounding



Body convulsing

He finally broke her

Thank you for journeying along!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

12 thoughts on “Restless©

    1. Yes indeed Ken. The increase in violence in our society, and especially against women and girls, is a scourge of pandemic proportions. It’s not acceptable and it’s preventable. Thanks for engaging with this post.

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      1. kenhume79

        Completely Dee! So many woman have been caught up in a horrible cycle of inescapable violence as they literally couldn’t leave their house! ☹️ I’ve no time for violence against woman. Its cowardly and unnecessary! No problem, I enjoy your posts! 😁

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