December Is…

… Christmas Tree decorating!!!

Decorating is another of my passions. December means CHRISTMAS and its the season for my biggest inspirations. I start with the tree and however it turns out that design element carries through the rest of the Christmas decor for the space I’m curating. This Christmas tree design is done to fit an Afro-chic interior motif.

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19 thoughts on “December Is…

      1. Oh, yes, I’m really enthused this year! Last week I made the outdoor decorations: wreath, swag, window box and wooden tub filled with evergreens and holly. Today, we bought a little tree from local farmers. The big ones require too much time and energy, but a 5-footer is just right for me at my age. Even that size takes me a couple days to decorate, lol. I got the lights, garlands, pine cones and faux icicles on today. Tomorrow will be finished off with all the little favorite ornaments. I tend to favor the old-fashioned Victorian look. 🙂

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        1. Oh my Eliza sounds fabulously beautiful. I hope you’ll share a pic of two. Enjoy the last of it tomorrow.

          When I get started I can’t stop till it’s done. I usually knock it off in one go. This year for first time did it over a few days.

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