Spark of Madness©

She’s brave
This friend of mine
Wrestling with her mind
Riding the emotional swings of low to high
Looking up from below sadness, fighting through to light

She writes, open and vulnerable
She writes through the lows
She dances, free and courageous
She dances through the highs
Freedom to just be

They think she’s mad

It’s they who are uncomfortable with joy

It’s she who’s open to just be wherever she be

She embraces spark of madness

She he drifts off to sleep, awakens, she does it again

This brave friend of mine

She knows more of what it means to be—FREE

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In creative solidarity, Dee

17 thoughts on “Spark of Madness©

  1. love this and that is so real… it is they who are uncomfortable with joy… As well this reminds of the peace that comes from God that passeth all understanding… rejoicing when the world is asking how can you at a time like this… She knows what it is to be truly free!

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