For Türkiye & Syria ©️Dawn Minott | Senryu series

Life changed instantlyDeath and dying all around Hearts are beating pain Finding hope in griefRescue received with a smileLove knows no limits Afterword: I arrived in Türkiye for work 2 days before the earthquake. We weren’t close to the epicenter, but the humanitarian nature of the organization I work for meant parts of our team …

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Conquest of Paradise ©️Dawn Minott |a Shadorma for Black History Month

In 1492, the year Christopher Columbus made landfall on an island in the Caribbean—and the waves of European exploration, conquest and settlement that followed—it started a massive global exploitation of indigenous populations from Africa to the Americas with spin-off consequences that still reverberate in the lives of black and brown peoples today.

Souled Out for Change©️by Dawn Minott: A Tribute Poem for Dr Martin Luther King on his 94th Birthday

Some kings rule from iron thronesDisconnected from community realityYou’re the King who served from humanity’s throneWho dreamed not in black or whiteWho envisioned instead a world inclusiveYour voice, your vision a great void fillingSpeaking the language of the unheardInspiration to persevere, to never stop dreamingSummoning collective longings and eternal hopesFor a nation by its noblest …

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Flower of the Day Challenge #53: Helleborus x Hybridus—Black Beauty

… also referred to as 'Dark and Handsome' or 'Black swan'. Mother Nature totally rocks with flowers in the full range of the color spectrum including black!!! Thanks to Cee for hosting the Flower of the Day prompt 2023 ©Dawn Minott All Rights Reserved Like what you see? To never miss a post click HERE👈 …

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Life Lived in Poetry©️Dawn Minott |with audio

Before-word: Life is line upon line of experiences grouped together like stanzas, arranged like verses in a script // expressed with voice, diction, sound, rhythm, meter // understood through figures of speech, symbolism, allegory, imagery // structured in syntax and scheme // with strong, accurate, interesting words, deliberately chosen to give meaning to life — LIFE LIVED IN POETRY.

Springtime Bunny© |with audio

It’s spring time I’m abounding with joy There’s a cute little bunny that drops by the garden each spring He’s an elusive frisky little fella Ears always at attention, pointed straight up to sky like soldier resolute to flight, not fight At best I’ve managed only to stare longingly at “His Royal Cuteness” Face pressed …

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It’s Raining … Suicide©️

It’s raining young people off roofs Suicide epidemic—the numbers are proof A single gun shot aimed at the head Appearing well but next day, dead *** Don’t take it for granted you’ll see the signs Till you read another tragedy in the headlines Don’t judge by what you see on the outside It’s not always …

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Today I Started My Day In A Bathtub©

Today I started my day in a bathtubNo waterNo bubblesJust me, elongated legs and arms, stretched outA fluffy pillow cushioning my back against hard porcelainSun beam piercing through the blinds bathing me in warmthThere’s a stillness in the airExcept for the steady second-hand chime of the clock on the adjacent wallEach tick-tocking reminiscent of time’s …

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Shabbat Shalom: Fragments of Prayer©

The more I think on why I pray, the more I come to realize that my prayers are really but fragments of my heart. Like when I’m compelled to stop in acknowledgement that the normalcy and routine of my life has been interrupted by the supernatural. Like when my eyes open in the morning and …

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I Wish You, Love©

I wish you—LOVE Love that never lays the blame Playing the I-love-you-more game Love that doesn’t mind being wrong Keeping vows made in tact and strong Love that always generates a smile Melting away, bridging the miles Love built firmly on faith and trust Willing to shift, make change, adjust I wish you—LOVE Love as …

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Life Lived As Poetry©

From the source of spiritual cosmologyConceived in rhythmic movementsBirthed through pulsing pushingPunctuated by intermittent pain and joy LIFE Giving leaning into the ineffableObscured in allusionsDeveloped in plotsComposed in stanzas LIFE LIVED In fragmented syntax of challenges and victoriesLinguistic coding lyrics of uninhibited joy with unimaginable sorrowAlliteration of life’s idioms of transformationReciting poignant epigrams of wondrous …

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Perfect In This Moment© | featured on Spillwords

Hi Blogging Friends & Readers! I’m excited to share that another of my piece, “Perfect in this Moment”, is featured on Spillwords. You may read the full poem at this link. While you’re there I’d appreciate if you’d show me/my art some love with a like and your comments. Thanks! Many thanks to Dagmara K., …

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Midweek Boost: The Thing About Creativity Is …| A Senryu

Came upon this creative body-as-canvas art in a parade in Costa Rica — Nelson “Madiba” Nelson with a peace dove. How creative uh?! Creativity More you use it, more you have Use it up? You can’t! The attention to detail!!! Astounding!!! There is no end to creativity. The week is long. The weekend is short. …

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Poem: Golden Love Breath of God©

… on the rare occasion I’m videotaped while reciting There she stoodRadiant in her beautyA shimmering, bright goddess of gold in human formTransfixedHe stares, then wills himself to speak the wordsAs if like copperConductor of electricity and heatHe draws her unto himselfAnd she surrenderedBone of his bone, flesh of his fleshWith the exchange of “I …

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End Racism, Build Peace©: International Day of Peace | 21 September

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Achieving true peace entails much more than laying down arms. It requires the building of societies where all members feel that they can flourish. It involves creating a world in which people are treated equally, regardless of their race, gender, class etc.