Back to Africa: A Travelogue ©Dawn Minott

Three years ago I was in the throes of making plans to celebrate my birth over the full month of April, like I’ve traditionally done for birthdays past. However, on 11 March 2020 after the corona-19 virus infected people in 114 countries, WHO declared a global pandemic and soon thereafter countries were locked down. And so were my birthday/birthMONTH plans.

Gratefully, I survived being infected with the first strain of the virus (before we had vaccines). This year, 3 years later when the world is closely getting back to the old-normal, I wanted to commemorate life and to celebrate my birthday in a way that connected me to the root/route of my beginning—Africa.

And so was birthed a 3-girls, 3-weeks, 3-country trip for 3 years’ birthday/MONTH commemoration. I returned to two of my favorite African countries—South Africa and Botswana—and visited Tanzania for the first time. Thanks to a plane that literally stopped working, I also spent a night in Malawi.

The little plane that couldn’t!! We stopped on one of the many legs and everything in the plane also stopped—no lights, no air, NOTHING. This happened on two of its stops only then did the airline ground the plane. I prayed so hard. A 3-hour trip turned into just over 24 hours!!!!! Adventure!!!!!

The trip included: reunion with friends not seen for over 10 years (in all 4 countries); viewing Africa’s wildlife up close; vineyard tours including the first 100%/fully black-owned winery; sandbanks and pristine white-sand beaches; food and spice markets; rich cultural heritage (history, religion, fashion and more); sailing in dhows; magnificent sunsets; and all along the way, gastronomic delights.

The absolutely “bestEST” part of my trip was reuniting with and being with my friends. Good friends are truly more and better than pocket money. #grateful

Some highlight photos—ENJOY:

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In creative solidarity, Dee

18 thoughts on “Back to Africa: A Travelogue ©Dawn Minott

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  2. Oh wow Dawn, how FANtabulously spectacular sistah girlfriend! 🥳 I love the way you celebrate your birthday year-round. I personally go for the yearlong celebration slathered in gratitude. 🙏🏼 Great memories you captured through your amazing photos! Obviously you had a wonderful time, even with the snafu of the airplane. Thank goodness you landed safely and without a more serious incident. Thanks for sharing! 🛫🚙🛬

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    1. You’re FANtabulous. So much so I felt it through your words hun. Yes it was a wonderful time of reconnection. And trust me if there wasn’t a plane/travel snafu the trip would have been incomplete 😊 so all in all things worked as they should. I’m super grateful for traveling mercies because taking off in a plane that you KNOW literally just “broke” is nothing but faith over fear.

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