Words’ Power!

Before-word: This short essay is thanks to my reaction to a nature show on NatGeo. There I was immersed in the wonders of life in the deepest part of the ocean and I thought: “wow…all of this was spoken into existence”! [clearly, I’m a creationist]. Then I got to thinking about the power of the words I speak to myself and the power of words generally and this essay is the outcome of all the musings.

The universe and ALL that we know came into being because God SAID it! But He did more than just spoke (communicating His thoughts, feelings, plans), He declared — made a public announcement, an explicit assertion.

In the act of DECLARING He spoke: let there be … and there was! Let there be roses and light and trees and fish and water and giraffe and oxygen and salt and atom and stars and gold and nebula and starfish and diamond and matter and … you get the picture? Check this out — God declared: LET THERE BE LIGHT! And voila — because He IS light, light came spewing from His mouth, gushing at 299,792,458 meters per second. WOW!!

Everything God declared now is!

Of course He went a step further when it came to mankind because although He had already spoken into existence cells and blood and all the other ingredients required to speak human-life into being, He chose instead to hand-form and breathe-into and man was created not just for his own existence but so that in him life could be replicated over and over again. 

But, after God created man He spoke, He made a declaration that it was not just good but “it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). God said the universe in all its majesty was good but after He made man, He said it was VERY good.

I think ...
the power that is in speaking
and in making declarations
has eluded us

It is God who said “the tongue has the power of life and death” (Proverbs 18:21).

Seems it is easier for us to use the tongue to speak “death” as we make declarations like:

  • I can’t do that – killing off our dreams before they’ve had the chance to live outside our thoughts;
  • I’m not good enough — killing off our potential before God’s purpose can be manifested in us;
  • I’m not pretty enough — killing off our beauty before the world can see who we really are;
  • I’m not smart enough …, rich enough …
  • I don’t have the right job …, right car …, right house
  • It’s not the right time.

Yes, we use the power of the tongue and make declarations — but declarations unto death! And it is therefore no wonder that we have exactly what we declare. There is, indeed, power in words and in the act of declaring.

After years of death-speaking into my own life I’ve learned the power of life-talk and now I make declarations like:

  • I can, I’m pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough!
  • I have the right job, the right car, the right house!
  • No one can fulfill the purpose I was created for!
  • No one can do it, write it, recite it the way I can!
  • No one can do the job, pick up folks in a car, welcome them to a home like I can!
  • And this is the time, for I’m here for such a time as now!

Why do we live in depravity, scarcity, doubt? Because we ask not. Because we keep silent. Because we do not make life-like declarations. If the all-powerful God who could think things into existence chose instead to speak, what about us?

Why do you keep silent? Speak out! Declare! Effect change!

Thank you for reading! Follow the blog👈 for more.

In creative solidarity, Dee

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