The Moment I Realized … Perfection Is Unattainable

Before-word: This is more than a poem. It’s a coming-to-terms piece about what it means to evolve into the realization and acceptance that imperfection is perfectly perfect when one operates from a place of healthy striving for excellence.

I’m sure you’ve often heard people say, “I’m not perfect” (or you may have said/thought this of yourself). Usually it’s said as part of the justification retort when they’ve missed the mark—didn’t live up to theirs’ or someone else’s expectations.

As a child, I was quiet and observant. Reserved and introverted, I internalized and lived comfortably in my own head. Learning and achieving were important parts of my upbringing. So were good manners and proper decorum. I was always driven. Never satisfied. Always seeing beyond my sight, striving for mastery and excellence. AND I aimed to prove. I lived to please. Perfectionism informed how I studied, how I functioned, how I did my chores. And more distinctively, perfectionism informed my expectations of others which meant inevitably I was more often than not disappointed and reverted to being almost fully self-reliant.

In living a life free of seeking others approval and expectations I’ve come to learn the difference between a healthy striving for excellence and perfectionism.

Perfectionism is an unattainable goal that leaves you in a cycle of negative self-criticism and blame, or a state of anxiousness and depression because try with all your might you will never be perfect.

Let perfection not be your aim. Indeed, pursue all you do with a high level of excellence but not with the aim to please, to prove or to perform. When I owned my imperfection and rocked my flawsomeness, in that moment I realized … I’m uniquely me and beautifully imperfect.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

4 thoughts on “The Moment I Realized … Perfection Is Unattainable

  1. Yancy L. Hibbert

    Owning imperfection, rocking my flawsomeness and remembering I’m beautifully imperfect requires me to be intentional in giving myself grace and reminding myself of this work DAILY. Thank you, Dee, for this raw and beautiful work of poetic art. 💜


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