Exploring Types of Poem Series: #3 Haiga

Before-word: Next up in my exploration of writing different types of poem is the Haiga, also called observational poem as they comprise three art forms: imagery (photos or original art), poetry (haiku or senryu) and calligraphy. The accompanying image cannot complete the poetry but should add to the reader’s appreciation of the piece (contrasting or comparing) and be an alternative interpretation to the one created in the poem.

Wherever you find yourself
There you are

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In creative solidarity, Dee

5 thoughts on “Exploring Types of Poem Series: #3 Haiga

      1. Önyema

        Oh yeah thanks a lot! I’ve been stuck with some important duties lately but I did find a little pocket of time to blog. Matter of fact you can check out my latest blog rn! Thanks for the comment


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