Support System

Life lesson: You don’t choose what you go through in life, but you choose how you go through it and who you go through it with.

When the ER doctor said what’s been ailing me was COVID-19, the first flash of recall was the number of people who died from this virus. I’d love to say that because I’m a deeply spiritual person my first reaction was “trust God, you’ll survive”. Nah, it was not! My first emotional reaction was fear.

Fear soon passed though through the support of family and friends. The experience re-enforced the value of having a solid support system. With the help of my support, I found the strength to fight.

You know, one thing fighters have is a corner—fighters get support, they don’t fight alone.

We are not meant to be alone.

Who are you going through life with?

You need others to help you, and you need to help others.

Who’s in your corner?

Yes it’s a risk — relationships are messy. They’re complicated. You could get hurt. But, you can minimize the risk by building a support system that is solid. One that is:

  • Based on the right/common structure — what brought you together (sorority, same age kids)? Are you likeminded? Do you have common values and principles?
  • Formed before your crisis.
  • Built on honesty. Can you be vulnerable and not feel judged? Can you be you?
  • Centered on TRUST. Distinguish between who’s in your circle versus who’s in your corner. Can/will they keep you accountable?
  • Built around fellowship. How can I know how to support or celebrate you if you don’t share? Bring your life in the light. Be selective. With the right people you’ll find fellowship.

Your support system is a beautiful gift. Cherish it.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

4 thoughts on “Support System

  1. Lisa K Hibbert-Noad

    True it is harder to get through any difficult situations without support from families and good friends. No man is an island……..I will cherish my support system.

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  2. Marvette

    It’s crucial to have a strong support system. This doesn’t even necessarily means a “gang” of people either, just those persons in your life that you KNOW you can count on if/when you need them, and who you turn to not only just when times are hard, just folks you find it natural to share both the good and the bad times with; those peeps you know would have your back, front, head top AND side, in a heart beat, but who will also tell you when you are not leveling up, as your support system should also be there to steer you back on the “path” if your butt is skidding off it :).

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    1. Absolutely Marvette. We need cheerleaders but we equally need those who will call us out, ask the tough questions and challenge us to level up. Thanks for your insight!!!!! Cheers, AAD 🤣


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